Road Safety Authority Approved Training Centre

Road Safety Authority Approved Training Centre. Wondering what this actually means and how does this effect your decision when choosing to be trained as an ADI in Ireland.

As a result of our exceptional quality and standards and having met the RSA’s interview and qualifying process to be a certified and registered training organisation to train new potential ADI instructors on our driving instructor course.

We are delighted to say we now one of the few driving instructor training organisations in Ireland.

Before you spend thousands of euro on driving instructor training, make sure your ADI instructor is approved and qualified to train you and is listed on the RSA’s website as an approved training organisation to deliver such training.

We are getting a lot of Stage 2 and Stage 3 candidates failing and now coming to us for proper training.

To train ADI instructors your instructor should have the RSA certificate to prove it. If not, they are not qualified nor are they on the RSA list of legal ADI trainer’s.

Now you have the knowledge to choose your training wisely.