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Earn up to €50k

Earn up to €50k

Better work life balance

Better Work Life Balance

Making a difference in lives

Making a Difference

Set your own schedule to suit

Set Your Own Schedule

Be your own boss and take control of your life

Because of the freedom and flexibility with which you can work, driving instructors are entitled to the status of self-employment with all the tax advantages that it confers.

As a fully qualified driving instructor, you will therefore have the freedom and the incentive to create your own prosperity. The better you are at your job, and the better you look after your customers, the more you can prosper financially. In short, you enjoy all the advantages of being your own boss without any of the disadvantages.

Your own hours around your life

Flexibility is the key – you decide the hours you want to work so whether you are looking to work part-time or full-time this can easily be accommodated.

You also have the strength of a successful driving school behind you providing all the support, advice, marketing and management know-how that are vital for success.

Driving Instructor Training Team

Whilst pay is very important, the biggest reward comes from knowing that what you are doing is more than just a job – you are enriching people’s lives and adding to their safety. A learner who has just passed the test provides the ultimate in job satisfaction. – Nadine George / Ladybird Driving School

Your potential earnings

Driving instructors who do a normal working week (i.e. 40 lessons per week at €35 per lesson) and take the average time off for holidays can expect to earn between €45,000 and €68,000 per annum

Depending upon the level of support they need, the local lesson rate and the type of training being provided. Of course, if you work longer hours, your rewards can be substantially higher.

Driving Instructor Training How Long Does It Take

How long will it take to become a driving instructor?

Regardless of who you choose to train with, the time it takes to qualify as a driving instructor is subject to the RSA’s examination schedules. There are three stages to the ADI examination, a theory test, a driving test and a practical test of your ability to instruct.

Each stage has to be taken consecutively, and each will carry with it a six week waiting period (sometimes longer). Consequently, the exam process itself from start to finish is at least 18 weeks assuming there are no other delays.

This is why we recommend that the driving instructor training is carried out over a period of weeks on a part-time basis rather than intensively.

Our driving instructor course has been tailored in such a way that it fits around the RSA’s exam schedule, and as well as minimising any ‘idle’ periods in training whilst waiting for a test date, the flexibility of our part-time course also allows students to manage their training around any other full or part-time commitments they have.

Bearing this in mind, it will inevitably take some months to fully qualify. However, you are allowed to operate and earn money up until 01/05/09 without having to sit any exams, be advised if you have not passed stage 1 and 2 by this date you will have to come off the road until you have passed both stages you may then apply for a trainee licence (see Step 4 below).

Although not essential, this would enable you to get up to six months part-time or full-time practical experience in preparation for the Stage 3 exam.

How to become a driving instructor step-by-step guide

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to become a driving instructor with us from that all important first phone call to us, right the way through to becoming a qualified driving instructor and taking up your guaranteed position with one of our driving schools based in Dublin.

Step 1: Contact the office

First step is to phone our dedicated recruitment office on our number 01 485 1585. Opening times are Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm. If you ring outside of normal office hours an answer phone service is available for you to leave your name and address.

Become a Driving instructor – Contact us NOW!

You can also contact us via the internet using the contact form on our website. However, before you contact us please make sure you can meet the minimum requirements as set out by the RSA which state that you:

Must have held a driving licence for at least two years before you start training you must be able to pass a Garda Record check; have or be able to obtain a tax clearance certificate. If you have any doubts about meeting these minimum requirements you can contact the RSA on 096 25007 for further advice.

Step 2: Meet with our Recruitment Manager

Having completed an application form, you will be asked to meet with one of our managers for a no obligation discussion about what the training we can offer and the future benefits of working as a driving instructor in your area.

Our regional managers are able to meet with you in most major towns and cities within the Ireland and are even able to offer evening appointments in some instances.

Step 3: Pass the ADI theory test – Stage 1

About the Stage 1 Test: The ADI theory test is made up of 100 multiple choice questions; you must answer 85% of the questions correctly in order to pass the theory test.

Step 4: Pass the ADI driving test – Stage 2

About the Stage 2 test: The Stage 2 driving test closely resembles the current car-driving test for learners in format and content.

However the duration of the test is longer to allow you to undertake all the set manoeuvres and you are expected to perform to a higher standard.

Unlike the L test which allows you to make 8 minor driving faults on the Stage 2 ADI test you are only permitted to make 5 minor driving faults and what constitutes a minor driving fault may be more critically assessed.

Driving Instructor Training for Stage 2

The Stage 2 course is made up of a program of self-development exercises and study using our modern open learning DVD and workbook.

In addition a tailored programme of in-car training to meet your specific needs will be provided by our driving instructor trainer. This in-car training would usually be spread over several sessions and it will be delivered on a one-to-one basis to ensure no time is wasted waiting for or watching someone else drive.

In the unlikely event that you do not pass any attempt at this stage of the exam, additional in-car training is provided to help you pass the next time, free of charge.

Step 5: ADI instructional ability test – Stage 3

About the Stage 3 test: The Stage 3 test requires you to give two half-hour driving lessons on subjects chosen by the examiner. The examiner plays the role of a pupil and whilst in that role he or she tests your ability as an instructor by asking questions and making mistakes.

In particular, the examiner will expect you to explain what you hope to achieve on the lesson (based on the situation outlined by the examiner before you start), give a briefing where required about the driving task you are about to teach, provide appropriate verbal support whilst on the move to aid the learning process and to identify and deal with any driving faults that might occur. Your performance for each lesson will be graded.

Training provided by us for Stage 3

Using our unique open learning course package of DVDs (about 3 hours of video footage), Instructional Skills Manual, test guide, workbooks, prompt sheets and laminated colour presenter you will learn about the Stage 3 test, the instructional standards sought and the practical exercises you need, in order to develop the skills required to successfully pass this test.