Frequently Asked Questions

With so many companies offering training to become a driving instructor, it can be difficult deciding who to train with. To help dispel some of the misinformation that is around, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we get.

How long does it take to qualify as a driving instructor?
Good question. Start to finish it takes around 6 months (16 Weeks) if a candidate passes all three stages first time.

The application is the slowest part as you need tax clearance number plus all of the necessary documents including the Garda vetting process conducted also.

The RSA are responsible for organising and carrying out ADI examinations. Regardless of who you choose to train with, the time it takes to qualify and become a driving instructor is subject to the RSA’s examination schedules.

There are three parts to the ADI examination, a theory test, a driving test and a practical test of your ability to instruct.

Each part has to be taken consecutively, and each will carry with it a six week waiting period (sometimes longer).

Consequently, the exam process itself from start to finish is at least 18 weeks assuming there are no other delays. Read more

How much does it cost to become a driving instructor?
To complete all RSA ADI Exams there are costs for each stage:

  • Stage 1 ADI Theory Test cost: €150.00
  • Stage 2 Pass The ADI Driving Test cost: €200.00
  • Stage 3 Instructional Ability Test cost: €200.00

When you successfully pass all 3 stages there is a registration free of €250.00.

All these fees are paid directly to the Road Safety Authority. More info

What happens if I fail any of the course stages?
At Driving Instructor Academy we are confident that following your individually structured training programme you will have the very best chance of passing the qualifying exam.

However, should you fail any part of the exam we will provide you with additional training to ensure that you pass on the next attempt.

Am I tied into any contracts or driving schools?
No. Whilst most people who train with us go on to join Ladybird, Get In Gear or National driving schools, you are under no obligation.

Once qualified, if you wish to go your own way you are free to do so. This is not the case with all training providers.

With some schools you are committed to remain with them and pay their fees for up to two or three years whether they provide you with sufficient work or not!

Can I work as a part time driving instructor?
Yes. Unlike most driving schools that have high fixed franchise fees, Ladybird, Get In Gear and National operate a more flexible low cost franchise that allows you to structure your business in the way that suits you whilst at the same time providing a fair income for the lessons carried out.
Do I get a choice of car?
Yes. Most major driving schools dictate the car you will drive. However, with Ladybird, Get In Gear and National, you can drive a car of your own choice.

We do however suggest sticking to our brand colours. This helps with you standing out with our superior brands. This is another example of the flexibility instructors enjoy with us.

How hard is it to become a driving instructor?
It’s not that hard. You need a relaxed and calm demeanour with a positive influencing ability and be able to understand a pupils body language.

Instructors need to have an interest in the industry because even though there is good money to be made if your mentally weak or unstable or have a hectic social life then have a good think before applying.

Are driving instructors in demand?
Due to the huge backlog created by COVID-19, driving instructors have never been more in demand.

There is an oversupply of pupils and a shortage of instructors so trying to find a driving instructor at this time is difficult for most learners.

Is driving instructor insurance expensive?
The only provider of driving instructor insurance in Ireland is AIG. Having said that the premium is only around 750/800 Euro per year. (2022)
Can I be a driving instructor with an automatic licence?
Yes you can teach in either Manual or Automatic cars provided that your initial driving test was sat in a manual car then you can teach in both.

If you passed your driving test in an automatic car on your first driving test then you can only teach automatic cars.

Where can I get a driving instructor job?
Good schools always have plenty of vacancies. Some are franchises, some are as employees but definitely ask the salaries plus hidden fees you will have to pay that are not explained on an original offering.

Always as to speak to the owner and have a list of questions ready to go. Salaries are very poor with employees only receiving 17/18 Euro per hour.

Look at all the possibilities open to you.

Driving schools like Ladybird Driving School, Get In Gear Driving School and National Driving School have the best reputations and reviews from Pupils and Instructors than any other schools in Ireland.

Can I meet with someone before I decide?
Yes of course. We always prefer to meet with applicants prior to commencing our driving instructor training to get to know more about you and ensure that you are fully informed about what is involved before any commitment is made.

Unlike some training companies who on the strength of a telephone call, or even via a web site, will sign you up and take your money.