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We have the reputation of delivering above the industry standard driving instructor courses and complete end-to-end support for you in your quest to become a qualified driving instructor.

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    1. We are an Approved Training Organisation with the Road Safety Authority.
    2. Our overall Pass Rate for stage 2 & 3 is 98% for all of our ADI instructors.
    3. We schedule our training around you and where you want to take training.

    How to Become a Driving Instructor Video

    In this short 4 minute driving instructor course video we explain what is in involved in all 3 stages of the RSA exams.

    We also explain what is needed and how to get started on the course.

    Course Details

    Fee: €2,000 (Price plans)
    Duration: 16 Weeks
    (Part-time Evenings & Weekends)
    Locations: Ireland

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    Course Stages

    Introduction to our Driving Instructor Course

    Welcome to our RSA Approved Driving Instructor Course! We specialise in training people to become driving instructors if they want to operate as themselves or join our driving schools using highly modern open learning resources and localised in-car training.

    Each male or female who undertakes our driving instructor course and is successful we guaranteed them a job position with one of our outstanding driving schools.

    Making us one of the most competitive driving instructor training companies in Ireland. There has never been a better time to become an driving instructor!

    The innovative way in which we train our driving instructors along with the unique driving tuition system and state-of-the-art training resources we have become one of the most successful driving school franchise in the Ireland today.

    Benefits of Becoming a Driving Instructor

    • Earn between €30,000 – €65,000 a year.
    • Have a better work life balance.
    • Be your own boss and set your own hours.
    • Work when you want, take days off when you want.
    • Work around your current commitments.
    • Job satisfaction, seeing pupils pass their driving test.

    Driving Instructor Course - Stage 1

    Stage 1: The ADI Theory Test

    The ADI theory test is made up of 100 multiple choice questions; you must answer 75% of the questions correctly in order to pass the ADI theory test.

    The test is similar in format to the multiple-choice theory test for learner drivers. The number and type of questions will depend on the number and type of licence categories of instruction you apply for.

    The ADI theory test is computer-based and user-friendly. You can choose to sit the online test at home or at one of the 40+ theory test centres nationwide.

    The Stage 1 exam is split into 5 categories:

    1. Driver testing procedures & practises.
    2. Road safety practises.
    3. Pedagogy.
    4. Mechanical principles.
    5. Membership category itself which for you is category B cars.

    The Stage 1 Training

    We have spent many hours compiling a comprehensive home study course (seen here) which includes information which is crucial but very difficult to find online specifically.

    Study time for this should be around 4/5 weeks, which will give you an opportunity to go over the full content around 2 to 3 times.

    With our ongoing premium support and backup you will be easily ready to tackle the Stage 1 exam.

    You will receive a report on your performance at the end of the theory test from the RSA. You must pass stage 1 before you can continue to stages 2 and 3.

    Stage 2 and Stage 3 ADI Driver Training Explained

    In this video we explain the ADI stage 2 and stage 3 processes. You will know exactly everything there is to know to pass both stages with us.

    Please get in touch with any questions.

    Driving Instructor Course - Stage 2

    Stage 2: The ADI Driving Test

    This ADI driving test lasts for around 1 hour and 15 minutes in-car. This is similar to the Category B Car learner test. On this exam you will cover all types of roads including, rural, primary, secondary, motorway and dual carriageways.

    You will need to display expert handling and practical knowledge of the vehicle and very high levels of concentration, judgement and reaction skills are the priority on this exam.

    Manoeuvres are a crucial part of the exam and you will need to display high levels of skill, observation, control and accuracy whilst carrying out all manoeuvres.

    The following manoeuvres are included in this exam:

    • Left reverse around the corner.
    • Right reverse around the corner.
    • Parallel parking in between 2 cars.
    • The emergency stop.
    • The turnabout.
    • The hillstart.

    Your Stage 2 Training

    We will assess your driving level and ability on our initial assessment training lesson and advise you of the actions required to get you ready to pass the Stage 2 test.

    Typically you can anticipate 8-10 hours of training in order to get your driving to the high level required to pass Stage 2.

    Training will be delivered in 2 hour and 4 hour blocks anywhere in Ireland. This is scheduled around you and your trainer.

    We also offer a premium level of support which is unmatched by other training centres.

    You have full 24/7 access to our trainers via WhatsApp, Email & Phone for the entire duration of your driving instructor course.

    So if you ever feel overwhelmed or frustrated you can be rest assured you have the support you need.

    Driving Instructor Course - Stage 3

    Stage 3: Instructional Ability Test

    Stage 3 is a test of your instructional ability and is split into 2, 30 minute phases. Both of which can be taken on the same day. During phase 1 the examiner will play the role of an early beginner driver and during phase 2 the examiner plays the role of a more experienced advanced driver.

    The examiner will pick 2 scenarios at random and he will score your performance based on the 16 core competencies that make up the stage 3 exam.

    What we will do is teach you how to deliver both phases and score highly on the core competencies and as many of the additional competencies also.

    Each phase lasts approximately 30 minutes each on the day.

    Your Stage 3 Training

    We will ensure you understand exactly what is required on these core competencies and have you prepared to pass first time.

    Typically Stage 3 takes between 8-14 hours of training to leave you fully equipped to perform either phase at ease and comfort.

    Training will be delivered in 2 hour and 4 hour blocks anywhere in Ireland. This is scheduled around you and your trainer.

    We will give you a step by step guide to lesson planning, structure and content of lessons and work with you through role play until you are 100% confident on your delivery of stage 3.

    Price Plans

    We have put together structured payment plans to suit all budgets and people when it comes to becoming a driving instructor with us. If you have any questions please contact us because we are very flexible and will help in anyway we can.

    Full Payment


    Make one of payment and save €250 and secure your 1 to 1 training.

    • 25 Hours of Training
    • 24/7 Call & Email Support
    • Industry Leading Trainers
    • RSA Approved Course
    • Training Scheduled Around You
    • Secure Job Opportunities

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    Pay As You Go


    One off deposit of €500 then you pay before each 2 hour 1-1 training lesson of €130.

    • Pay As You Go Training
    • 1 to 1 – 2 Hour Training
    • 24/7 Call & Email Support
    • RSA Approved Course
    • Scheduled Around You
    • Secure Job Opportunities

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    You make 3 instalments of €700 over the course of your training at specific stages.

    • Industry Leading Trainers
    • 1 to 1 In-Car Training
    • Unmatched Support
    • RSA Approved Course
    • Scheduled Around You
    • Job Opportunity

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