Joanna’s Story on Becoming a Driving Instructor

Hi My name is Joanna Torphy and I’m a qualified driving instructor with Ladybird Driving School Dublin.

Whilst I was on my driving instructor course I was invited to attend a training meeting in Citywest Hotel.

After that night I knew this was the place to be.

The instructor training is first class and coming from a customer care background I saw their detail was really impressive.

It took me 6 months start to finish to qualify and I went on to the trainee permit system straight away.

My days are spent moving from test centre to test centre providing pretests and mock tests both in the pupils car or mine and I work my own hours.

It also helps that my salary has quadrupled since my customer care days.

I would urge anyone who needs a change of job to something very rewarding and flexible with excellent pay then please contact Ladybird.

You will never regret that decision and my own life has totally, totally changed 100% because of Ladybird and I’m loving it. Call them today!

What should I do now?

First step is to download your driving instructor starter pack and then phone our dedicated training office on 014851588 opening times are Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm.

If you ring outside of normal office hours an answer phone service is available for you to leave your name and address.

You can also contact us using the contact form. However, before you contact us please make sure you can meet the minimum requirements as set out by the RSA which state that you:

Must have held a driving licence for at least two years (with no more than 5 points overall or any bans) before you start training you must be able to pass a Garda Vetting check and have or be able to obtain a tax clearance certificate.

If you have any doubts about meeting these minimum requirements you can contact the RSA for further advice.