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Become more confident with your driving instructor ability and successfully pass your ADI check test with our 2 hour 1 to 1 ADI Check Test Training.

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    ADI Check Test Training

    ADI Check Test Training

    On our ADI check test training you will learn what is the RSA ADI check test and what is needed to pass first time. You will gain a real understanding of all the core competencies and what the RSA tester is expecting from you on your test.

    What is an ADI Check test?

    If you are an approved driving instructor and on the RSA’s panel of approved driving instructors then the road traffic regulations requires driving instructors to pass a test of continuing ability to instruct.

    This test is known as a ADI Check Test. Generally the RSA will contact you 28 days beforehand, giving you a date and time to attend at a RSA test centre of your choice with a current student of yours.

    Types of ADI Check Test

    There are however different types of ADI Check Tests that you should be aware of:

    Informal ADI Check Test

    This ADI Check Test is different from the main check test as it will not result in any formal assessment being made on an instructor’s performance.

    Your examiner in this case will offer feedback designed to help you to improve or fix certain aspects of driving lesson delivery prior to the official check test.

    The Official ADI Check Test

    This test will be more formal and will end with an assessment of your performance that will be documented. Where the performance of the instructor is at or above the required standard under the ADI scheme then your full permit will be renewed upon the next application.

    If the level is below then a second ADI Check Test will be arranged 6-8 weeks later.

    It’s wise at this stage to seek help or training on this as a failure to pass a third ADI Check Test will result in your ADI being suspended or removed off the RSA register.

    What Happens on the day of Check Test

    On the day of your ADI Check Test you need to arrive around 20 minutes prior to the exam with your designated pupil.

    Make sure all licences are valid and all certificates on the car are valid and in date.

    The Designated Learner

    The pupil you chose to bring along on the day can be a beginner, intermediate or test standard level.

    If you don’t have a designated pupil, the examiner will stand in as your pupil and give you a scenario and lesson type he would like you to teach.

    On the Actual ADI Check Test Lesson

    The lesson itself should be a normal planned out lesson. The tester will be checking to ensure that you demonstrated all 16 core competencies and at least 5 of the non core competencies and that the lesson was appropriate for the learners needs.

    Standard of Check Test Lesson

    This is the area that many driving instructors fall down on and here’s why:

    This ADI check test is structured differently to the Stage 3 that instructors pass on qualification.

    Even though the examiner is looking for the same competencies as per Stage 3, this check test only gives you one opportunity to show certain competencies whereas Stage 3 offers you 2 opportunities.

    It’s crucial you are up to speed in areas of lessons planning, learning outcomes, briefing, timely fault and remedial analysis and so on.

    The RSA Examiners Role

    The examiner will introduce themselves and ask some background questions.

    You will arrive at the car where some standard vehicle checks will be carried out.

    Examiner will introduce themselves to the pupil and sit in the rear of the vehicle.

    You then carry on with the lesson as normal as you would if the examiner were not there.

    On arrival back to the test centre and after the lesson summary and wrap up, you ask the pupil to return to the waiting area of the test centre and you will be with them shortly.

    The examiner will then offer feedback and guidance and a written report on how the overall lesson went.

    You can ask questions and have a general chat not only on that particular lesson but on the industry in general.

    If you pass all 16 core competencies then you will be asked to renew your registration.

    If you fail you will be invited for a second check test in about 6-8 weeks time.

    ADI Check Test Training Overview

    As driving instructors sometimes we think we know it all. Many Instructors fail the check test due to not delivering the lesson plan in a structured and organised manner.

    Take for example if the tester picks EDT 5 as the driving lesson, how will you deliver an hour of EDT 5 in terms of a beginning, middle and an end, is the content correct for the level of the particular pupil.

    Driving instructors get confused at times as to what layout and structure they need so the tester is adequately satisfied that all of competencies have been met.

    Our 2 hour ADI Check Test Training course is designed to make sure you don’t fail and we will show you how to become more confident about the idea of sitting the check test based on you having a lesson plan delivery.

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